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February 9, 2010


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30 November 2008 BABY LOVE. Why do people have babies if they do not like them? Babies are getting a terrible press these days. Articles about maternity leave are usually illustrated with unclad mum’s tums , not images of the live babies to be cared for. Articles published on baby care are mainly by desperate and martyred young mums, not by more experienced people with clues on coping happily. News items tell about avalanches of unwanted children left at American hospitals, child protection notifications increasing higher than the birth rate, and 30,000 Australian children needing foster care.

Photographs of parents holding babies show the infants clutched like soft toys or bags from the supermarket, often held through the crotch, rather than cuddling in. Sleep clinics teach babies the hard way to put up with being alone. Andrew Weldon illustrates a norm for what people feel about screaming babies in his cartoon of a self-pitying, helpless Dad with his yelling and obviously unhappy baby lying uncomforted across his knees. Why pay a baby bonus to people who don’t want, care nor cannot tolerate extra offspring after they have had a trial of two? We are paying for extra trouble.


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