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March 26, 2015

Big cars with single people in each – a solution, a second small car

I still think the solution to big cars with one person in each deserves wider publicity. Everyone can make some action against climate change.

There is a market for small cars if the matter was publicised.  If all  two-car homes had one of the cars as a small car for single-driver trips, many problems would be solved – such as use of petrol, carbon emissions, traffic congestion and parking. Australia could well make such cars.  The one question to solve is feelings of safety – Sixty percent of owners (my guess) have big cars probably thinking they are safer in our traffic, and so make the problem worse. The cars would be No frills, cheap and simple.

Our Waverley Leader has a real estate supplement. The latest gives details of 79 homes for sale. Three quarters of the homes have garages for at least two cars – 57 out of 79.  The range was up to six cars per garage, with most of the 15 single-car garages being for houses marked as ripe for ‘development’, i.e. destruction

If all two-car households have one of their two cars as a small city-car, mainly for single drivers going on short trips, we would save on petrol, emissions, traffic jams, and  parking. We could even make them instead of big cars, and keep an Australian automotive industry.

I count passing cars in our busy street, and 85% have single-person occupancy – and most are big cars. And I think most are going shopping or taking children to school.


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