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March 26, 2015

An economic paradox of jobs and population

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An economic paradox of jobs and population


We need more young people so that there will be enough to fill all the jobs to keep our aged population surviving. So it is said. We have a problem with more aged people all the time, needing more younger people to support them. So it is said.

We need more jobs, so that there will be enough to give employment to all our unemployed young people. So it is said.

When both are said at the same time, more people needed to fill all the jobs,, and more jobs needed for all the unemployed, they must surely contradict each other. Is it just that the unemployed are not fit to fill all the empty jobs? What can be done?

Cam we look at the jobs that are at present held – are all of them necessary, or is their function just to be jobs, whether useful or not? Where does the money come from, to pay for all the useless jobs?

Can we look at the jobs which are needed – how many of them are not filled, because there is not the money to pay for them?


July 25, 2010

Hoarding – the problem of our age

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Hoarding – the problem of our age

Psychologists are now treating victims of Compulsive Hoarding Disorder, people who cannot get rid of belongings until the belongings take over their homes, and even spill into their front gardens.  They are few, but spectacular.

The greater problem are those who have the first step in this disorder, Compulsive Buying Disorder, but then throw out the back door so much that the home is practically bare.  Contrast the cluttered Victorian home with their energetic inventive inhabitants, with the elemental simplicity of the homes advertised in estate agents’ billboards, and the passive dwellers in them, constantly having to buy anew what they threw out before.

Bare simplicity is a problem in today’s libraries and museums. Chucking out is excessive as the past disappears.

The solution to both ends of this disorder, Buying and Keeping so much, is to buy only what you need.  This will upset our present economy, but it is time we moved to another economy, that did not waste so much of our resources to make unused goods that get thrown out, and humanpower, in selling them.

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