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June 30, 2015

Policy of more children and fewer schools – Is that our future?

Policy of more children and fewer schools – Is that our future?

We are selling off our schools to developers to build apartments and town-houses, in which will live more children.
In Victoria, Oakleigh South Primary School land will become 56 townhouses and up to 65 apartments.
Clayton West Primary School land will become almost twice the number of townhouses.
Monash Special Development School is planned to become 122 apartments in a 4-storey apartment building and 28 townhouses.
Five former school lots in Monash were sold by the State Government for $97 million last year.
The Monash Council is challenging the prevention of residents appealing to VCAT.

This is on top of former primary schools already sold.

This results in:
Children must travel to schools by car or public transport, making more traffic, more cost to families, less exercise for children, more carbon emissions, and bigger remaining primary schools which are less friendly for young children. Local communities cannot build up and so less safe neighborhoods.


January 16, 2012

Praising a child

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Katherine Hammesley and Carole Sutton are psychologists quoting the research that shows the importantce of giving a child 5 praises a day. As a schools psychologist (and as a parent) I found this advice valuable:  Name a child when giving praise (‘That’s a nice picture you have done, Jimmy’) and do not use their name when giving criticism but make your comment generic or ‘anonymous’ (‘Stop that!’ ‘No shouting!’ ‘You with the red jersey, stop poking others!’)

Children need criticism too.  One child rebelled in a permissive school (‘No matter what I do, they say it is wonderful!’) But some children get named only for wrong things, and associate themselves with wrong-doing.  Find 5 good things and give their name to them.

‘You are very good, caring for your baby sister, Laurie.’  “Hitting is a bad thing to do.’

The child identifies himself/herself with the good, and the bad things they do are not linked with their identity.

March 20, 2010


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20 3 2010

Migrants are caught in two great injustices –  the countries that want them in order to keep wages low in manual and semi-skilled jobs, and the injustices that make them flee their home countries.

Low wages for essential industries are an anomaly; top salaries are thousands of times the lowest paid.

We could do more to help people in countries the migrants come from – the sums spent on armaments the world over, corruption, preventing them building up sustainable industries to keep them to producing commodities we want cheap, foreign or corrupt ownership of resources, and  lack of family planning.

In the middle ages,  the Jews had a role to fill a gap in a low-regarded industry (usury) and today’s migrants to fill a gap in low-regarded industries (manual and semi-skilled).

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