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October 4, 2014

Real estate scandals

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Sept 2014

A beautiful home, designed a few years ago by a distinguished architect, in perfect condition, is to be destroyed in our street.

It might have been saved – a hopeful buyer would have moved in immediately to live there. The neighbors would have been relieved. The estate agent would still have made thousands in profit. But that buyer only offered 3.1 million dollars, and was second.

The winner at the auction- a foreigner – offered more and plans immediate destruction, to build a McMansion.

This is happening all over our Monash area – good buildings destroyed and McMansions going up – which will then be offered for sale.

See the local paper’s real estate supplement.

If the second bidder had won, there would have been no notice in GDP – he simply would have moved in.

The first bidder has GDP added to by the present home’s destruction and the building of new – and more employment – what profit to Australia!


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