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March 27, 2015

The cost of art – a waste of money?

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Art and money

Public art galleries pay millions of dollars for pieces of art. Why?

We can now make copies of almost anything exactly like the original. Why can’t the taxpayer be charged just a little and the gallery get one of these copies? Is there anything that cannot be replicated exactly? The Mona Lisa’s smile?

The sale of art is a profitable source of income for the dealers. When the price of a piece of art goes up and up, they make a pretty penny – or a pretty million.

People who detect forgeries have a very scientific occupation. I don’t know that it is worthwhile. Sometimes the forgeries deceive everyone for a while. So you have people who have jobs in detecting forgeries – often a tedious job.

After the world wars, cities that were obliterated like Warsaw and Dresden were rebuilt like they were before. The residents and the tourists liked the new buildings that were almost exactly like the old, except for having modern conveniences.

ISIS, the fanatic Muslim war party,  is now blasting whatever it can of our archaeological treasures that record our earliest history. Some but not all we have as copies – we can have all these treasures as copies today.

Most art of very high prices is not as profitable for the artist. It is the middlemen who make the profit.

If the public galleries did not pay millions of dollars for pieces of art, which sometimes are later shown to be forgeries, then the price of these pieces would be far less then they are.

We could have lots of copies of many masterpieces in our public galleries, instead of just one original masterpiece in one gallery – which may not be original after all.


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