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June 30, 2015

Policy of more children and fewer schools – Is that our future?

Policy of more children and fewer schools – Is that our future?

We are selling off our schools to developers to build apartments and town-houses, in which will live more children.
In Victoria, Oakleigh South Primary School land will become 56 townhouses and up to 65 apartments.
Clayton West Primary School land will become almost twice the number of townhouses.
Monash Special Development School is planned to become 122 apartments in a 4-storey apartment building and 28 townhouses.
Five former school lots in Monash were sold by the State Government for $97 million last year.
The Monash Council is challenging the prevention of residents appealing to VCAT.

This is on top of former primary schools already sold.

This results in:
Children must travel to schools by car or public transport, making more traffic, more cost to families, less exercise for children, more carbon emissions, and bigger remaining primary schools which are less friendly for young children. Local communities cannot build up and so less safe neighborhoods.


November 29, 2013

Australian population

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We cannot hope to do anything about protecting nature while we expect enormous population increases. Melbourne growing to 8 million people
with the loss of some of the most beautiful country and wildlife in Australia is
No profit to anyone except developers and big retailers.
Great trouble for all other inhabitants with horrid housing, transport, loss of amenities and fertile farmland, more landfill etc.

We must keep our population low while we still can.
Climate change requires a smaller population to survive.
No more baby bonuses after the first two children is easy to do, for example.

April 11, 2013

Sale of former school properties

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Sale of former school properties

It’s just as well that the people living in houses on former school land won’t have any children, and that traffic wont worsen and petrol prices rise as parents take their children to distant schools, and that research that shows primary school children benefit from small schools is not read, and that governments don’t look to the future, when they will buy back land they sold off.
Keep former school land in public hands, for public use. It will be needed again.

February 6, 2012

Every bike can be one less car on the road

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Give each bike the same road space as a small car. This should be taught to every learner – and every road user. For fewer cars on the road, encourage bikes.
Drivers should welcome bikes on the road, because each one means fewer cars competing for parking space and less crowded traffic.
 Courtesy is for all drivers and cyclists.  The discourteous and thoughtless help fill the hospitals – but  drivers are more responsible than the cyclists.

January 27, 2012

One way to reduce the road toll

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For a trial period, all hospitals in a region could record and report all non-fatal admissions for car accidents.  No detail is required. The findings are publicised by the media.

Many horrendous traffic accidents are due to dare-devils and suicides, who do not fear death.  Therefore the present reporting of ‘road toll statistics’ as deaths only does not deter them.

They would take more care if they realised that mutilation or paralysis was (four?) times more likely than a quick death.

It would also make a difference if one road toll report added to, say, nine deaths, say 15 paraplegics, 12 facial injuries, 16 broken bones, 13 chest injuries . . .    This one report could be reported everywhere.

Horrific videos tend to excite the accident-prone, not warn them off. They are like horror-films.

January 25, 2012

An Australian car industry

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An Australian car industry is essential as insurance for the future – as Essington Lewis saved the steel industry before World War II.

But it can only survive if Australians buy Australian cars.

What sort would they buy?


If all our two‑car homes had one of their cars a small car for single-­person trips, such as commuting or shopping,many problems would be solved ‑ such as waste of petrol, carbon emissions, traffic congestion and parking. It could be a two-seater, the first car many young people could afford.

Drivers would also be more careful of cyclists – Sixty per cent of drivers have big cars thinking they are safer in our traffic, and so they make the problem worse.

This cheap car should be able to be designed and tooled quickly

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