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July 30, 2012

Competition in the Olympic Games

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Competition in the Olympic Games


The most urgent competition in the Olympic Games should be in the free-to-air TV broadcasts in Australia.  The matter is one for the Australian Competition and Consumers Comission.

If there were two competitors in Australian free-to-air TV broadcasts, the standard would rise immediately.

We might even have one channel that showed the Olympic Games as a showcase of all nations and all sports, as well as the one that showed almost entirely Australians. The All-Nations channel might link up with an international showing of all nations, for economy, and be able to have ads less often in longer blocks, and ads for other causes than the big companies, junk food, medications, Crown casino and online sports betting.  The ads could even test the water for advertising that emphasised the good points of products rather than extended confusing storylines or cheap prices. Each ad could appear only twice a day, so there was more variety.

We need not have so much cycling going up and down Box Hill so that it seemed as if there was one lap shown repeatedly.

Have we no idea how many Australians are interested in the sports and other sports stars and nations, apart from Australian medals?  We could find out.

And see, for making the Olympics fairer sport,


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