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September 26, 2013

Spelling personal names and places

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September, 2013. A correction to a spelling mistake on a voting paper is likely to cost NZ Wellington City Council thousands of dollars, but it says it’s worth it to maintain the integrity of the process.
About 18,000 correction letters have been sent to Wellington’s Southern ward voters after council candidate Donald McDonald’s surname was spelt incorrectly as “MacDonald” on voting papers and in the accompanying candidate profile booklet.
Wellington City Council electoral officer Charlie Inggs has apologised to McDonald for the “very unfortunate” error.
Council spokesman Richard MacLean said an exact figure for the cost of the correction was not yet known, but it was likely to be closer to $9000 than $1000.

Yet my ancestors Macdonald spelld Macdonald and McDonald and MacDonald on the same page!
As for McKie, Mackay, MacCay, Mackie etc!


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